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About Me


I identify as a queer, non-binary, radical, magical being of mixed European descent.

Although my heart has many homes, I am currently lucky to live on the lush ancestral lands of the Duwamish People, in the place also known as Seattle, Washington. (If you live here as well, consider paying Real Rent to the traditional stewards of this land)

I am in the humble practice of dedicating my life in service to a future rooted in a culture of consent, collective care, and systems that support all life. I understand this practice to involve an ongoing commitment to shifting existing power structures in myself and in the wider world.

I intend to live in way that centers our human-ness and relationships with each other, and to honor this commitment, I openly welcome feedback on how I could better show up for you and hold space for the identities you carry in any spaces that I facilitate.

I am deeply inspired by the work and words of adrienne maree brown, Joanna Macy, Tyson Yunkaporta, and Robin Wall Kimmerer, among many others. I honor the long lineages that precede me in all of my areas of practice. 




The path that led me to where I am now has been a winding one.


I grew into myself a lot more while studying Philosophy at UC Berkeley, engaging in deep questions about self and society.


As I was beginning to question capitalism and the constructed social divisions that uphold it, I was also actively living within alternative structures in the Berkeley Student Cooperative houses.


Living in a house sharing food, chores, and community with 60 other social-justice-oriented college students was a catalyst for a lot of deep personal transformation, and a source of much of the inspiration that sparked what I do today.

Lothlorien Cooperative was the first place I was exposed to Consensus Decision Making, Consent Culture, and the need for Conflict Mediation.


Quick to learn and eager to contribute, I served as a House Manager, Waste Reduction Coordinator, Chicken Tender, and Garden Manager throughout my time living in the co-ops.


I also joined the Consent Working Group where I facilitated consent workshops at different Cooperative Houses, and the Events Committee where I planned a "Commons Festival" to bring co-opers together with free food, live music, a big Free Store, and skill shares.


My experiences in the co-ops established my strong value for building community based around resource sharing, creativity, collaboration, and communication.


Growing up in a planned community in Irvine, California, I spent a good part of my teenage years trying to conform to the competitive, consumerist culture I was swimming in. Eventually, through self-reflection and new connections, I freed myself from my own confines, and began the journey of living from my own soul's yearnings.

Although I was engaging in radical communal practices and ideas as a college student, the systems we were operating in were by no means perfect, and I still had a lot of growth and learning to do before finding my way to where I am today.


In the last several years since graduating from UC Berkeley, I have been purposefully putting myself in situations that furthered my personal growth, including completing a 1200 mile bicycle trip from Vancouver, Canada to Berkeley, California, which ultimately led me to move to the Pacific Northwest. 


I have also been simultaneously tending the seeds of inspiration that have taken root in me over these years, seeking out and completing training as a Conflict Mediator, hosting a pop-up Freestore in my communities, and starting to work as as a home organizer. 

I am excited to finally be ready to share my work with with the world in this way, and support others in reclaiming clarity and connection in their spaces and relationships. 

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