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Professional Home Organizing


When everything in your space has a purpose and place, you will live your life with more ease, clarity, and connection.

I have had a passion for organizing my whole life. I've recently realized the power my organizational capacities have for facilitating transformation through spaces.


Your home is your microclimate. A well-organized home offers you what you need, where you need it, and can ultimately support you in living the life you long for.

This service is for you if:

  • You struggle to find things you need in your space

  • You are overwhelmed when you try to purge items

  • You are feeling unsatisfied and unsupported in your home

  • You have a hard time making decisions and finding solutions in your space

  • You are ready to change your life through your space

My Process

My process is informed by the Marie Kondo method, and I share her animist perspective on objects.


In addition to helping you let go of things that no longer bring you joy, I help you responsibly re-home those items to places where they might spark joy for someone else. By supporting me in re-homing your items through anti-capitalist redistribution channels like Buy Nothing and the Community Free Store Project, you can feel good about letting go of the things you no longer need in a way that is responsible, sustainable, and community-oriented.


Invest in your well-being and peace in the place that matters most by booking a home organizing session with me today.


"I worked with Lux to organize our daughter’s closet. They are smart, non-judgmental, and bring a fresh eye to a project. We were able to fully sort out all the clutter within 3 hours, which would have taken me much, much longer to do."

-Jennifer T.

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Rates Services

I offer my services on a sliding scale, and will work with you to try to find a rate that works for both of us based on your budget, the length of the project, and my current availability. 

Virtual Space Consultation

 $0-25/half hour

Home Organizing Work



3 hour minimum

Re-Homing Services


$20-$100 flat rate

dependent on quantity & quality of items

Ready to transform your life through your space? 


Fill out the interest form below to get started!

Interest Form




What is your home organizing process like?

Whether we get started with a virtual consultation or in your physical space, we will begin with you showing me around your home and sharing about what you are most wanting support with. I will take notes and ask questions to make sure I understand your needs in terms of how you currently relate to your space and how you are wanting to relate to your space.

After that, we will agree on the sliding scale rate that works for both of us and schedule a first session. When I come for our first organizing session, we will start in the space that is your highest priority and get to work! I will often work side-by-side with my clients, but I can also work independently to organize things into categories that you can easily make decisions about.  

I understand that sifting through the contents of your life with someone can be a vulnerable process. I am here to support you in this process by offering my fresh perspective and suggestions for your space, as well as asking nonjudgmental questions that will help you reflect on what you truly need. I always see YOU as the expert in your space and your life. As a professional organizer, I will share my thoughts on what organizational systems and solutions make sense to me, but I always defer to you for final decisions.

If you feel that you need support with your space, I highly recommend booking a session with me! I can guarantee that you will be amazed at how much we get done in just a few hours.

I struggle with getting rid of things. Can you help me de-clutter my life?

As someone who is both waste-conscious and creative, I understand the temptation to hold on to things that you think you might use one day, and I also understand the value of simplicity.


When you hire me to support you with a full space transformation, I will gently guide you through the difficult process of downsizing, and help you organize what you keep in a way that is beautiful and functional, based on where and how you use items. Organizing things in this way helps to create a natural flow of energy in your space, and empowers you to live the life that you long for.

What are "re-homing" services?

A special service I offer when you work with me is "re-homing" items you no longer need. Often things that you are ready to let go of could directly find a new life with someone else.


For a small sliding scale fee, I try my best to redistribute your quality donation items through community-based redistribution channels like Buy Nothing and the Giving Room. By hiring me to help re-home your items, you can feel even better about letting them go. 

How will paying for this service help me save time and money?

After we set up organizational systems that work for you, you will no longer waste time looking all over your house for things you need or waste money buying things you already have.

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