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Hearth Revival Style Guide

This guide is to support Lux, and any other person working with the Hearth Revival brand to navigate all brand, marketing, and digital infrastructure material with brand integrity. Brand integrity is important to support individuals, communities, customers and clients in easily recognizing the Hearth Revival brand, and to build brand loyalty with that brand. 

The Hearth Revival brand is homey, down to earth and eclectic just like its steward Lux. The Hearth Revival visual brand is inspired by Lux, and their aesthetic in their life and in their spaces. 




Header Font

Use Wilson for any MAIN header text. This is the Logo font, fonts for tops of pages, or any other title that will be used for marketing material or graphics. 

Secondary font 
Tycho's Elgy

Use Tycho's Elgy for any sub headers. This pairs well with Wilson and should be used as a secondary font. 

Tertiary Font
Josephine Sans 

Use Josephine sans for all body copy, text and font. Josephine Sans Light, and Josephine Sans Regular can be used as text and font for all body text. This is also the font used for buttons.  


The main colors of Hearth Revival are the deep maroon. All other colors should support this deep maroon color. In all Hearth Revival marketing material and graphics, this maroon color should be present. 







Any photos of Lux, Lux's space and or that Lux takes can be used for Hearth Revival. If an image is being used that is not necessarily Lux's or of their space ect. The Hearth Revival brand can be curated with the brand components surrounding the photo like colors and fonts. 


A large part of Lux's environment are the frames they use very strategically in their space! This is an asset that we are transferring into the digital brand as well. Frames are a supporting asset of the Hearth Revival the digital brand. Use these frames and icons as supporting graphic assets in design. Use frames by putting photos and text inside them, and to frame headings etc. See example on the Home Organizing Page on the Hearth Revival Website. 


Brand in Action

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