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"Facilitation is a way of listening through and beyond the words being spoken, feeling for the current of longing underneath what can be spoken, listening through the fear, listening through the scar tissue: What is possible? What is the next step towards that possibility?" -adrienne maree brown

I see facilitation as a practice of holding space for purpose-oriented groups to grow towards their goals in alignment with their values.


A well-facilitated space is like a healthy ecosystem - supporting the needs of each individual while also always holding the needs of the whole. As a facilitator, I tailor the space I hold to fit the needs of your organization or community.

Below I have listed examples of workshops, trainings, and group facilitations that I offer to help communities like yours operate in alignment with your values. See my Lineage of Learning to learn more about my experience and training in this work.


I also offer regular public workshops on a variety of topics including consent, communication, conflict transformation, and other aspects of culture change. Click the button below to check out my upcoming offerings.




Fostering a Culture of Consent

Communicating in Conflict

Power in the Workplace


Effective Facilitation

Conflict Transformation 

Consent-Based Decision Making 


Council (Community Building)

Developing Community Agreements

Group Feedback Circles

Communal Systems Design

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 Facilitation and Training


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